Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WIP Wednesday #20

Last week I was so proud of the progress I'd made on my ripple blanket. But as half term dragged on  whizzed by I was feeling more and more guilty about the lack of progress I'd made on my course work.

For those interested in my Specialist Dyslexia course, read on. For those not remotely interested in it, jump ahead to the *
The course is divided into 3 modules. We've had all the taught sessions of all 3 modules and I learnt loads, was reminded about some of the stuff I already knew and was fired up about the independent work I have to do. I've bought pretty much every book that the course recommends (I havent necessarily read them all yet, but somehow, having them on the shelf in my living room makes me feel like I might somehow absorb the info inside them and therefore be able to write amazing essays.) and I'm not too worried about the written work I have to do - each module requires a 4000 word portfolio which, considering how catastrophically wrongly my disssertation went, is quite heavy. But that will be fine. What bothers me is getting all the one to one work done with the children I've selected at school. Some of these lessons have to be videod and assessed. And that is REALLY stressful! Trying to get 30 lessons done and written up is not as easy as it sounds. I have to plan and prepare them and then carry them out at a time convenient to the child and myself. Not as easy as it sounds in a busy school with only 2 days a week I can do them.
Then I have to carry out full psychometric tests on 3 children, one of which needs to be videod again. So all in all, it's pretty stressful and time is running out. :(  At the moment, the light at the end of the tunnel is VERY dim.

* So my knitting and crocheting is a VERY guilty pleasure. What a sad life I'm leading this year. I havent really made much progress on my ripple blanket, a few rows, if that. But I realised I hadn't updated you on Baby Blanket version 3 for a while.

On the recommendation of the LOVELY Paula at Knit and Seek I converted it onto a circular needle. I've never used one of these before and was a little confused until I gave it a go. It makes so much sense when what you're knitting is so wide. I havent managed to figure out how you would knit tubes that dont have the circumference of the length of the needle but I guess that's another knitting adventure to be had.

But it's going quite well. I still have 2 and a half balls of the wool to use up so it can get a whole lot bigger yet and the baby isnt due til the end of June so I've got a while. Although, having said that, to a certain extent the finished size will depend on what comes first, the baby or the end of the wool.

And here are a few photos I've taken. Looks like my photography is progressing too. ;)

Enough waffling for this week. As usual I'm linking up with Tami, Ginni and Kristine. Go and have a look at some lovely blogs and all their blogginess.


  1. Hang in there, girly! All that coursework will be totally worth it once it's behind you. Seriously. Also, Yay circs! Isn't it so much easier? As for the tube thing... Your tube circumference has to be bigger (even just a tiny bit) than your cable length or else it won't work. That's why they sell them in so many different lengths. :)

    1. ah ok, does that mean the stitches are quite close to the end of the needles?

  2. I loved converting to circs! However, I too am baffled by making a tube on them, but as I am not a brave knitter, I'll pass on that adventure, lol. The blanket is looking very lovely- that is one lucky baby.

  3. The flowers are soooooooo pretty, made me smile. Your blanket is really coming along nicely. I rarely use straight needles. I love circulars and use them for almost everything.

  4. Oh wow, your coursework sounds really daunting. But hopefully worth it in the end, as it sounds like...I don't know, good and productive daunting, rather than pointless-daunting. I wish you the best of luck. <3

    And I love (a) the texture of that baby blanket and (b) your flower photos, which are just beautiful.



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