Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Button it

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Saturday - I have to pop in to hospital on Tuesday, nothing serious but I'm still not looking forward to it - so I went shopping. I'd ordered some stuff online that I had to take back (WHEN will I learn that internet shopping is a false economy of time?!?!) and I needed to find something to wear to my BEAUTIFUL God daughter's Christening next weekend. (you know, those easy criteria to fill, not too slutty, smart, but still quite fashionable:(  )

So I returned £50 worth of clothes but ended up walking away having spent a further £80!!! And I still needed to buy a Christening gift.

I opted for a safe present. I often think it's harder buying presents for people you know really well than those you dont.

Anyway, I stopped into Stanley's Store on the way home. You may remember me raving about this little shop in this post about bracelets or this post about my wedding cakes. Sarah has been selling some button bracelets I made. As always she greeted me with 'Alright my love?' But then went on to tell me that she's amost out of my bracelets and wants some more as it's nearly Mother's day.

I treated myself to one of her FAB glittery cookies. (glitter, on a cookie! What a fantastic idea!)

So here are my Monday Makes, But also my A Make a Month for February.

I used these:

And these: 

And these: 

To make this:

And this:

And this:

I love them

I'm linking up with Sarahndipities Make something Monday and the Make a Month Flickr group

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