Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday #18

I have a WIP post. My ripple blanket has come on quite well since last week. - I say quite well, but I feel that my judgement of  my progress is relative.  I really dont get much crafting time in the week. I work full time and run a guide unit (and am trying to carry out some Masters level studying) and ALWAYS have work to do when I get home, whether it's planning, marking or some other kind of paper work, there's always something. So I really dont make much progress on an average week. I think that kind of makes me even more pleased with the little progress I do get done.

FYI this was last week:

So it's with great pride and excitement that I show you this week's progress.

This last row (of a funny off white colour that I'm not too keen on) is the last of the colours so I now have each ball of wool represented. I'm sure you can see but I've done 2 rows of some colours to try to mix it up a bit. I'm not sure if it's going to work out or not. :( hmmmmmm. I'm not really very creative. I have quite a mathematical brain which I think is why I like knitting and crocheting, there's quite a lot of maths involved in patterns. But I have NO creativity to conjure up patterns and imagine how something might turn out. What do you think? will it be ok?

I'm hoping I can get another 4 rows out of each ball so it will end up about 2 foot wide. I hope I have enough wool to get it finished. oh well. It's a bit of a voyage of discovery for me really. Suck it and see. I'll be pleased however it works out I think.

How are your projects going on this week??

It has just taken me an hour just to upload the 2 photos above. Any ideas what im doing wrong????
I just upload them straight from my laptop. Takes AGES!!!!! :(

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  1. I really love the way the colors come out in your work. Maybe just BECAUSE you think you don't know what you are doing? Me, for example, I am a very creativ person, acctually, but somehow I end up with very boring color choices because I take too much effort to figure out good matches and never come up with exhiting news...

  2. I like your color choices, and I think everything should come out just fine.
    As for the slow uploading, have you ever had the problem before? are you uploading using a different internet connection? are the sizes of the photos different? I know my sister and I have been having problems, but it's just because our home internet is slow- as soon as I got to school, everything uploaded in minutes.

    1. No, not changed anything. It's always been quite slow. I tend to have to upload one photo at a time. REALLY irritating. :(

  3. It's lovely! I like that you're varying the width of the stripes. Maybe just do a wide one every 4th (or 6th or 8th as it suits you) row? That might make your math brain happy. :)

    As for the pics, blogger sometimes chokes on them. It usually passes within a day or so, but I don't think it's anything you're doing. Happy blankie!

  4. I think your doing really well! I like the variety in colours and size of stripes too!

  5. i love it, i think it's just beautiful. i don't know if you've seen this handy tool, but it might be of some help!



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