Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bucks Bulletin

As part of my role as a Girl Guide leader somehow a few years ago I managed to let myself be talked into becoming the editor of our termly newsletter. You know the old expression about wanting something done and asking a busy person......???

Now, 'Editor' sounds a bit elaborate for what I do. 'Cut and paster' would be better but there are normally at least 16 pages of the beast. But it's my contribution to Guiding in Bucks and, lets face it, as I can do it from the sofa in front of the telly it's a pretty cushy job.

Last year, as I hope you all know from all the brilliant PR that was going on, was our Centenary and at times the Bulletin went up to 24 pages. That's a lot of cutting and pasting.

So, we go to print 3 times a year. These times tend to fall just after the beginning of a new school term so I spend a few days of my holidays stretching photos and spell checking to get it all put together and emailed off in time for 1500 copies to be printed before the next county meeting. It can all get pretty stressful. Particularly because getting articles out of people, and photos to go with the articles more to the point, can be rather difficult. So that's where I am at the moment. Waiting for the flurry of last minute, post-deadline emails to come flooding in so that I can play around with it all and make it look beautiful.

It usually forms an interesting showcase of all the amazing stuff that still goes on within Guiding at a local level and the dedication and commitment shown by leaders. And, like I say, is my small way of giving something back to the County.

Not only does it get printed but it gets put on the Bucks website.

The last issue (Autumn 2011) isnt there yet as I failed to send it to the Web lady before Christmas, but the Summer 2011 is (scroll down to the bold writing) and all the issues before that (see the list on the right). Spring 2012 will be printed and distributed at the end of January.

Have a look thro. Be inspired. Google your local unit and go and support them.

Over recent years Guiding has done a lot of work to modernise the public image of Guides and the activities the girls carry out. It has tried to move away from the rather ancient idea of guides 'knitting and knotting'.

But I have to confess that a year or so ago some friends organised a weekend for their unit and invited me along - with my knitting needles and spare yarn. Between the 3 of us we taught all 18 of the girls how to do at least a simple knit stitch and they LOVED it. I have never seen a group of 10 - 14 year old girls so heavily involved in a crafting activity.
It was lovely. We'd bought them plain dolls from Baker Ross

Fabric Dolls

and the girls were tasked with clothing them. They showed amazing creativity and one even managed to knit a dress.

So maybe (heaven forbid!) you could go along to a local meeting and share some of your crafting expertise and teach some knitting or crocheting to a group of Girl Guides.

Anyway, wish me luck with getting this edition all together in time. I found a fab 'Keep Calm' poster that is very appropriate for me so it will probably end up being a last minute panic the night before it has to be with the printer.  Will I ever learn????

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