Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #13

Wahoo, I have another WIP!

Well several really but one new one which is the exciting bit.

In all the Christmas madness I managed to finish off my crocheted stars and turn them into a garland and start a new crochet project. But I'll post about the FO on Friday.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I spent Christmas day with the inlaws. His nephew is only 11 so still fun to be around. Then Christmas day was with my mum and yesterday with my dad. So today we're having a sofa day watching rubbish on telly and chilling out.

I'm quite enjoying this little foray into crocheting. I've played with Granny Squares but not actually made any complete projects so I'm super happy with my stars garland.

But these caught my eye: a Crocheted Heart Garland  and thought that a heart garland could be up all year, the stars are particularly Christmassy so will come down in a while. The tutorial is REALLY easy to follow and now I've got these:

Aren't they amazing? I love them.

And the pattern was so easy to follow I'm going to try a crocheted flower garland too.

But last night I also followed this ripple tutorial from the lovely Lucy at Attic 24. I've got some lovely yarn to make a blanket for my gorgeous God daughter and am hoping to follow this pattern. I think the ripples go together really well in this. I made up the sample piece last night out of the red I'm using for the hearts but pulled it apart before taking some photos. Silly me.

So I figured I'd make the ripple blanket first then if there is any left over yarn making the flowers to go with it.

Wouldnt that look fab in a little girl's bedroom?

So I'm successfully avoiding all the real work I have to do and making good progress on my knitting and crocheting. And our lovely friends are just about to pop over to watch a film so I might get a little of the baby blanket (that happens to be for them, I think I can say that now that the news is out) while the film is on.
I just cant sit still and do nothing!!

Anyway, Hope you've all recovered from the Christmas madness and are making progress with your projects. Pop over to tamis for some other WIP updates.


  1. Love the hearts! Really looking forward to seeing the star garland! Isn't it good leaving the other stuff that needs doing and crocheting etc what you enjoy :-)

  2. lovely hearts! Sounds like you're doing a great job of procrastinating on the "real" work - me too!!!!! :)

  3. Love those hearts! They really brighten up my otherwise dreary winter day!

  4. Starting a new WIP is the best part, isn't it? Those hearts are pretty. I love the bright red color!

  5. So cute!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern!! Can't wait to see what else you make!

    ~ Sarah

  6. Those are so sweet...unfortunately I cannot open the pattern from the link above. Is it possible to obtain it in another way?

    1. hiya, thanks for your comments,
      try this:
      does that work?



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