Friday, 2 December 2011

FO Friday

I'm SOOO annoyed.
I blocked the baby blanket then bundled it up for my mum to take to my Grandpa's house today so that my cousin can pick it up tomorrow and guess what....... I forgot to take any photos :(

So disappointed.

So you will just have to imagine it in all it's baby blue soft loveliness. :(

And the cardigan that I finished, well the pictures of that were just taken on my phone so they're a bit rubbish too. :(

But here they are:

The rubbish light doesnt really do justice to the colour.
And here's one of her wearing it. I chopped off her gorgeous little face because I havent checked with her mum and dad but you can see the cardigan. It only just fits so i'm kind of hoping it will stretch a little. You might remember that I was really disappointed with the wool so it's not huge loss if she doesnt wear it much. I'm just glad it's finished.

I'm quite pleased with it as its my first item of clothing. But I've learnt to buy the wool from a shop where I can feel it before I but it next time I make anything for a baby.

You can't see in this picture but the top and bottom buttons are red. Very M & S dont you think?? I reckon it's almost designer. ;)

So those are my FOs for the last few months. I wish my course work was an FO. :( I'm sure this specialist dyslexia course will be worth it in the end but it is SUCH hard work trying to get it done. The worst bit is definitely the guilt I get for not working on it when I'm doing something else- like knitting :(

Anyway, pop over to Tamis amis for more FOs and some creative loveliness.

Have a lovely weekend and I'll try to give you a WIP post next week on the new Baby blanket. Am really enjoying being back in the land of Blog (can you tell?)


  1. Super cute sweater -- I can't believe it's your first garment. Beautiful work! I love the buttons you chose, too. She's quite the little sophisticate!

  2. Love the sweater, it's so cute. And it is better than designer, it's bespoke/custom/handcrafted!

  3. I did the same thing with a baby gift recently. Spent all the time working on it, packaged it up so nicely, got home from the baby shower and realized I have no pictures! I'm sure it's lovely though :). That cardi turned out adorable. I love the texture of it..

  4. What an adorable little baby sweater. Love the design and color. Sorry no picture of the blanket, but know exactly how you feel. We've all done that.



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