Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #11

Oooh I have some WIPs to share but Blogger wont let me upload the photos without rotating them. HOW FRUSTRATING!
I've tried rotating the photos first to compensate but it still messes them around. then once they are uploaded I cant rotate them again.
Has anyone else had this problem? Its driving me insane!

So here is a wonky photo of my WIP
I had a little (honest!) trip to my local Yarn shop Rainbow silks in Great Missenden at the weekend and found some amazing yarn.

This stuff is Romano Chunky by King Cole. Its amazing. There are 3 different types of yarn in one ball. I'm not really sure what they are so I tried to photograph them but it hasnt worked too well.

I will try to post some better photos but the camera is dead.

I'm trying to make a cowl. I'm not following a pattern so who knows how it will go - I'll let you know. I knitted almost the whole ball up on Friday but then frogged the whole lot as it was too wide and therefore wasnt going to be long enough. Watch this space......

But I also picked up some slightly nicer DK to crochet my red stars with. Havent got very far as you can see but this last week of term is just CRAZY.

My dad wanted to see us on Friday evening but by then I think I'll be fit for nothing but lying on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a straw!

Baby blanket #3 is still coming along well....... I lie. It's done nothing since last week.

BUT, I've just heard that ANOTHER good friend of mine is pregnant and without thinking I promised her a baby blanket too. (What was I thinking!?!?!) If I think about all the friends I have of child bearing age it almost makes my knitting needles melt!

My beautiful God daughter is being Christened in March. She has a beautiful dress but her mum said she needs a cardigan. Guess what.... I offered to make one. No pressure then!?!?!?!

Oh well.

At some point I need to write my 3 4000 word essays and teach 30 hours of one to one specialist Dyslexia lessons. Christmas is going to be busy :( I dont make life easy for myself do I?

Hope you're all well and enjoying the other WIPs


  1. Oh wow, that yarn! It's fantastic, such cool textures and colours. I think it'll be an amazing cowl, I hope the cowling-by-ear will go well. :D I'm planning a cowl for myself in a bulky green yarn after Christmas, I'm not sure if I want to use a pattern yet...

  2. My photos are fine, but my header's gone all wonky and I haven't been able to fix it. Merry Christmas from Blogger, I guess. Grrrr. Very cool yarn you've got there, I'm anxious to see how it turns out.
    Thanks SO much for the fun link you left on my blog (flat fair isle!!??!!) and for the link you left for her. So sweet of you. Hope you conquer your week before it runs you over! :)



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