Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #12

There's not been a lot of knitting in my life over the last week.

I have SO much work to do that I just feel guilty every time I even look at my knitting needles :(

I've got planning to do, a 4000 word essay to write, the Guide unit accounts to sort and terms worth of Guide meetings to organise. The Christmas 'holidays' aren't really a holiday are they? They're just time off work to get stressed about, well, everything really. I'm not even hosting anyone or anything until New Years Eve. I'm at the In-laws on Christmas Day and then my mum's on Boxing day. How do people manage with kids?!?!?!

I spent pretty much all day cleaning the house yesterday. It was an avoidance tactic. Today hasn't been much better but at least I have all my presents now.

I read other people's blogs and just wonder how they fit it all in. :(

Maybe I need a career change.

Anyway, here is the extent of this weeks work.

These are my crocheted stars that are eventually going to form a garland. Clearly 2 isnt enough for a garland. Maybe I'll have enough by next Christmas!

It's from this tutorial on the Jelly Wares blog. Super easy to follow, even for a novice like me!

And this is the cowl I mentioned last week. All this wool comes from one ball. Crazy stuff.

I'm not sure it's going to make a very good cowl, there isnt enough wool to make it any wider and it will be so short it will have to be buttoned up. :( I'll see how it goes. Maybe it can be a birthday present for my mum. She'll appreciate it even if it's a bit rubbish coz thats what mums do. :)

I'm also still working on a top secret Christmas present for my friend Dr Lucy. I wont get it to her til the end of January so a FO post on them will have to wait til then :(

On the plus side, my photos are getting better. Must remember to keep my camera charged.

Pop over to Tamis for some more WIPs.

I hope everyone else is making lots of Christmassy progress.


  1. In an effort to make you feel better, I still have 2 presents to buy, and I've wrapped nothing at all so far. Wasn't that nice of me? And the folks who seem to have no struggles? They're just not sharing. :) And so, be kind to yourself! And have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Eek, sorry about your stressed-ness---I hope that you do find some time to relax during the holidays. <3

    In the meantime, that cowl is awesome-looking (although I'm sad you're unhappy with the size, but you're totally right that your mom will be obligated to still love it!), and those stars are fantastic, I'm definitely opening the pattern in another tab right now.



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