Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WIP Wednesday #10

Hurrah I'm still here!
Trying to work more effectively and get more done in a shorter time. How long will that last??? I know, I'm mad for trying but if I want to fit in everything I want to do (knitting, my course, Guides, blogging) as well as the stuff I HAVE to do (housework, planning, marking, being a good wife) then I need to be more effective and productive in the time I have.

Setting myself up for a fall arent I?

Anyway, I have a few WIPs this week, but some are Xmas presents so can't really share them yet.

But have a look at this:

The baby blanket is coming along!!! No rush on it as the baby isnt due for a while but it's getting there!

And look at this:

I found the tutorial on this website and just had to have a go. The wool is cheap horrid stuff so am hoping to pick up some nicer stuff 2m and make a load and put them on a garland. How beautiful will that be?

It's only really my second venture into crocheting so if I could read the tutorial it must be a good one. I recommend it. Have a look!!!

Got to go, need to check what it is I'm teaching 2m.

Pop over to tamis for some other WIPs.

Have a good week


  1. the baby blanket will be beautiful!

  2. well done on the star - esp only on your second go. I've been trying to teach my mum but it just doesnt stick!



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