Saturday, 3 December 2011

An Aladdins cave of loveliness.

About a year ago while searching the internet for nearby cake supplies shops I stumbled upon a shop in a nearby village that sells cake cases and icing gadgets. 

Later in the year when discussing the fabness that is cupcakes a friend of mine had mentioned the shop and said she'd done a cupcake decorating class there.

I didnt make it there until last summer when we were driving thro the village to a pub we like for lunch. It had intrigued me and I just fancied a nose.

Little did I know what awaited me. Words can't really express the lovely, mainly pink, amazingness that you find in this shop. I can't do it justice so have a look at their facebook page and the photos that have recently been put up. It's full of handcrafted, well everything really, jewellery, soap, bags, cakes and more. And locally produced veg. There's just so much to look at I dont ever know where to start. I just love it in there.!/pages/Stanleys-store-bovingdon/182599068475886

It's called Stanley's Store and it's in the village of Bovingdon. Well worth a visit.

The BEST bit has to be the fairy garden out the back.

Just amazing.

But on this chance visit in the summer I saw that they made cupcakes to order for parties.

And what was I planning last summer? A wedding. So I ordered 70 of the beauties there and then. We chose pink and cream icing with bright pink heart sprinkles and glitter (they looked much nicer than they sounded!)

Sorry the photo is rubbish. A friend has better ones. I'll post them when I get them.

This is my sister and me stuffing our faces like the ladies we are. They were YUMMY!

Sarah who owns the shop is just lovely. One of those people who will talk to anyone and make them feel at home. She greets everyone as they come in.

While I was there she commented on the button earrings and bracelet I was wearing and when I told her I made them, said she thought she'd be able to sell some in her shop.

So today, months later, I finally got up there with some of the bracelets and earrings I'd made. (I needed to leave the house, cabin fever was KILLING me!) I also took what was left of the scarves I had from last winter that mum and I had made and 2 of the traphilo bags. She's going to see if they sell.

So fingers crossed. I'll let you know how I get on.

(Those photos are quite good arent they, should try that more often)

Speaking of photos, mum took some of the blanket before she left it at my Grandpa's. Again they're phone photos so I apologise but you get the idea.

The beady eyed amongst you will notice that it is the same as Baby Blanket version 1 in this post but this time it's blue. It came from this pattern:

It makes a LOVELY blanket but it got more than a little boring after a while.

I've also been making a little Christmas pressie for my beautiful Goddaughter. But I'll post that another day.

That's the most active I've been all week and am absolutely exhausted now. :( Might have a lie down. Happy weekend everyone.


  1. SUCH cute bracelets! I hope you sell zillions of them. And I could get lost in that store for ages. Good thing (and also too bad) that it's so far away. Be healthy!!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments hun. Am back at work and feeling better but taking it as easy as possible and wrapping up REALLY warm eveyday. Will pop over to ur WIP post in a mo. xxx



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